Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Tiny Dancer

Here is a list of things I've been wanting to share for a while but haven't:

1-Lately I have been seriously craving some boiled crawfish:

Mmmmmmm.....I ate these at Easter and they are the only ones that I've gotten so far this year.  I think I need to get some more before the season is up!!!

2- I asked Kraut to take my picture with JJ the other day and here is what I ended up with:


More JJ kisses!

This is ok, but I still think we can do better.

But then JJ ran off to potty so I photo bombed....

And then I decided to imitate him!  I guess some things never change, remember this?



Better!  One more, just in case....

Now we're talking!  He is such a handsome boy when he cooperates!

3- A few weeks ago, we went to Columbus, MS to say goodbye to my little Ford Fiesta, and hello to Layla's  Limo.  I got a new Ford Escape and I'm totally in love with it, and I'm sure Layla will be happy to be chauffeured around in it!!!  While we were down there, we stayed in Starkville with my friend Kara and went to a MS State baseball game.  Here are some photos:

Here I am with Kara and Layla!  I'm at 24 weeks in this picture, so 6 months along!

Go Dawgs!


Kara and Justin in their awesome matching maroon polos!!!!

4-  I have the best friends ever!  Layla is going to be blessed with the best group of "aunts" any little girl could ever ask for!

5- Speaking of Layla, she is kicking like CRAZY tonight, and all I can think of is Elton John- Tiny Dancer.  Until next time!


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