Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is This Love

I know the question on everyone's mind right now is "What is growing at the Kettler's house (besides my belly of course)?"  Well, lots of stuff!  There have been home projects galore lately and spring has of course brought about the necessity for mowing, trimming, weeding, and planting.  Its a lot of work to get our big yard looking good, but I sure do enjoy the admiring and eating the fruits of our labor.  And even if for some odd reason you really haven't been wondering about our yard, I'm going to give you a peak anyway!


Love my knock out roses!

Lantana.  Wish I'd taken pictures of this one a couple days ago because it was 3 different colors and even more GORGEOUS!!!!



Snap Dragons

Regular roses

Had to pick these they were so pretty!

Now for the edible part....Sage


Basil (Can't wait to make pesto!)


Garlic Chives

Lemon Thyme


Three different kinds of tomatoes

Rosemary (smells so good!)

Banana Peppers

Jalapeño Peppers

Kale (still lingering from last fall!)

Lettuce (also planted last fall)

And we are going green!  Here are our compost bins!

In a few months we are going to have some homemade soil.  We are becoming so domestic, and our tomatoes will be so grateful!  I'm so glad that its finally spring and that the weather has warmed up so that I can sit out on the porch and ride around in my car with the sunroof open.  

Today, because this song is so lighthearted like spring and also because I recently watched a 2 hour documentary about Bob Marley on Netflix, the song of the day is "Is This Love."  Bob Marley was fascinating; if you have Netflix Instant check it out!

On a quick side note, this past Sunday was Mother's Day, and even though our little Peanut has not yet arrived, Kraut wanted to make it special for me.  My one real pregnancy craving so far has been avocados.  I often cut them in half and just eaten them with a spoon, but I also love guacamole!  Kraut thought that Peanut and I would love this stone mortar and pestle (called a molcajete) to make guacamole.  So sweet!  And the guac came out great, duh!  I have the best hubby ever.


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