Monday, September 24, 2012

Wish You Were Here

Funny story! My bff, Erin, and I were going through some old letters at my parents a while back and we came across several letters that my mom wrote back in the day.  Some were to her father and her brothers while she was a college student visiting Rome, some were to my dad, and then there was a truly hilarious one to her cousin Lynn.  In it she went on all kinds of random tangents, and she even summed it up with 2 jokes for her cousin's enjoyment along with a P.S. reading something along the lines of stay away from the booze! Ha!  My favorite part of the letter was that in the middle she shared some rhymes that she and her step sister wrote to a friend in a late night delirium/giggle fest.  One of them read:

"Frogs are nice
They live in ditches
I think yall are 
A bunch of bitches!"

My mom was always sarcastic and she and I would come up with crazy poems or songs a lot growing up so her being silly wasn't as much of a shock as the content.  Erin and I were rolling on the floor laughing about this, and I looked at Erin and said this letter is proof that there is hope for us yet!!!  Over 40 years later, this letter inspired me to write poems to some of my friends!  Who knew?  Bare with me because they will be as ridiculous as hers! 

Erin is my bestie
Who makes dirty faces
I wish we didn't 
Live in different places

Hang is awesome
She likes to take shots
I miss her living in Memphis 
And I love her lots

Steve's a great hubby
Who always romances
He likes to show off
And do goofy dances

Kara is fun 
She likes to start fires
Out on the dance floor
Her moves will inspire

Beth can get rowdy
When she drinks Firefly
Every time we go out, 
Her spirits are high

When Becky and I were in high school
Many moons ago
Our favorite movie starred Heath Ledger
We'd watch him in slow mo!

Patti was a great roommate
Back in the day
She's an old soul like me
But we still like to par-tay!

JJ is our doggy
He's super hairy
Usually he's sweet
But his bark is real scary

Tom is my dad
Jackie thought he was fine
She loved when he cooked
While she watched and drank wine

Now because I miss all of these people and wish they were with me now, today's song of the day is Wish You Were Here- Pink Floyd!


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