Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Skinny Love

A while ago Kraut and I decided we wanted to eat more fish to be healthier.  Its something we always said we should do, but then we never followed through more than a couple times a month.  We needed a more definitive plan.  As a solution, we committed to at least one day a week, and so began "Seafood Sunday" in our house.  It has been very successful, and Kraut has become quite the expert at cooking fish.

We like to get our fish from our local Fresh Market store because they always seem to have the freshest looking seafood; guess thats why its the "Fresh" Market.  Wow, I'm so observant!  Anywho, when I went in one Tuesday to get something unrelated, I discovered that our Fresh Market has half priced salmon as their Tuesday special.  Now we are eating fish twice a week, and Tuesday has been dubbed "Skinny Salmon" day.  I really love Kraut's cedar plank salmon, and I don't think I'll grow tired of it.  It really is the easiest recipe too!  He just soaks the cedar planks in water for an hour.  Then he gets his grill going, and while its heating up he bastes the salmon with some olive oil and then tops it with our favorite Penzy's spice.  Its called Northwoods Fire Seasoning. If you have a Penzy's near you, go buy some now!!!  We use it on everything!  Then he puts the salmon on the planks and the planks on the grill and cooks it for about 25 minutes.  It cooks indirectly on the heat and the fish doesn't dry out, it stays nice and juicy.  So Happy Skinny Salmon Day!  In honor of the occaision the Soundtrack of Life is playing Bon Iver "Skinny Love."  I really love this song, and while I was looking up a link to the original, I came across this version by an artist named Birdy.  I've never heard of her, but thought it was a very pretty rendition.  Hope you enjoy!

P.S.  If you were wondering what I was contributing while Kraut was doing all the heavy lifting in the kitchen.....I was doing some heavy lifting of my own.  Look at this tomato!  Its the biggest stinking tomato I've ever seen!  

So I sliced that sucker up and put it on a bed of arugula, spread some homemade pesto on it, and drizzled it with basalmic vinegar.  

I also cooked some broccolini.  All it needs is a little olive oil, garlic, and a splash of lemon juice!


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