Monday, August 27, 2012

Under My Skin

Hi Friends!  The soundtrack of life is playing Frank Sinatra's "I've Got You Under My Skin".  It is my parent's song and yesterday was their 40 year anniversary.  I shared with you last week a little bit about my mother passing away, and my dad wrote the sweetest comment on the post.  I thought that a lot of you may have missed it, so in honor of their 40 years together I want to share this with you.  You may need to grab a tissue first!  (FYI...My mom took the picture of the flowers at the bottom.  My dad picked them for her during their 2 week trip to Jackson Hole, Mount Rushmore, and Yellowstone)

Dearest Jackie,
It’s Saturday afternoon late and I’m alone today for the first time since you left us or God took you last Sunday. I’ve been trying to stay busy- you know me I can’t sit still- cleaning house and going through letters. I sat down and was trying to recall as much as I could of our time together and it’s hard. The last 3 months although precious moments, I had to watch you slowly leave me.  I know it must have been hard as the disease slowly crept into your body and took over, although I can hear you say, “Oh it’s not so bad.”

I just want to reach out and hold your hand. Feel your touch. To hug you and smell the scent that is yours. To have to bend over closer to you to hear your soft voice. To press my lips to yours and kiss you 3 times because once or twice was never enough for you. You know your lips were the softest of anyone I know. I don’t want to forget. You will always be my bestest friend. My ole pal Jackie Dupree. I know I wasn’t perfect but I always tried to be a better husband. You deserved it and more. I guess I’ll always be that work in progress. If I would have just learned those two little words you like sooner, “Yes dear” it would have been so much easier. Right my love. 

I think someday the tears will be less, but for now I can’t seem to stop them as I recall the 40 years we called marriage. I felt like it was more like dating. You were such an easy person to love. I recall so many little things you did to remind me that you loved me.  How great God is to me that He would bring us together when He did. I don’t know what my life would be like without you my sweetheart, but with God’s help I can serve Him and go in the direction He leads. You will always be a part of me “I’ve got you under my skin.” How corny but true. 

Well it has helped to sit down to write this little bit. The tears have subsided and I can recall moments now more clearly. Your smile, your laugh, that awesome sense of humor and wit. You live on my darling in my heart. Thank you so much for our time together in case I didn’t say it enough.
You know you have inspired a lot of people most of all me and our daughters on how to live in the face of adversity. You deserve a medal but I’m sure our Lord will take care of that when He proclaims, “Well done good and faithful servant.” I miss you my love. 

Your Loving Husband,

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  1. So touching. This was absolutely beautiful and a testament to the people who raised you. You guys are all still in my prayers. - Erin W