Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Football Is In the Air

Football is a huge deal in our household, so Kraut and I are VERY excited its almost back. Our schools never play each other so we each can cheer for both teams without any conflicts. Go Dawgs! Go Irish!  We have tickets to several games this year and we are getting so excited.  ND opens up against Navy in Dublin, Ireland and we kicked around the prospect of going, but it just didn't work out.  The first game we are going to is the ND vs. Miami game at Soldier Field in Chicago.  Its going to be on October 6 which is 3 days after our 3 year anniversary.  It should be a fun way to celebrate!  I'm also looking forward to taking my new camera and getting some better quality photos to share this year.  Here are some of my shots from last year's games:

Notre Dame vs. Michican State (at ND)

MS State vs Memphis (at Memphis)

Note...picture above is in the 1st quarter and the one below is the beginning of the 4th quarter! Ha!

Memphis vs MS State was the season opener and I didn't take a camera so the only pics I have to share with you are from my iphone so bear with me on the photo quality.  This year I'll do better.  Plus, I've got a new cowbell ready to ring at the MS State games, and I'm really looking forward to using it.  Its one I made for my mom a while back, so it will be like she's there with me cheering on my team!

Today, because I can hear football calling, the Soundtrack of Life is playing Phil Collins "In the Air Tonight"!!!  Now if you will excuse me, I need to go get my maroon gear out and warm up my bell ringing arm!!!  Until next time.......


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