Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Wars

My photography classes ended about 2 weeks ago. Taking the class was sooo incredibly helpful. I've been envisioning how I wanted my pictures to look for a while, but I was never getting the end results I really wanted. Take for example these two pictures I took of Kraut cooking hot wings last summer (which by the way...he has THE BEST recipe). The pictures are just OK:

He recently made them again and I took this picture below. Its a completely different setting, but I am so much happier with this image:

Mmmm....same awesome wings but upgraded marketing. I want to share some of the other photos that I've recently taken that I think have come out well. You can be the real judge of my progress......

I think I'm getting better, and I tried to pass along some of the things I learned in class to Kraut. He has been doing a little experimenting himself, and while I was teaching him an MGMT song came on our stereo and he took the picture below and asked that I make "Weekend Wars" my next song on the "Soundtrack of Life." Since I kicked his booty in Monopoly right afterwards I was more than happy to oblige...


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  1. The pics look great! I really love all the ones of JJ. He should be a doggy model. I mean, nothing against that hubby of yours, he is a pretty good model too. But JJ is the next big runway star!