Monday, January 23, 2012

I Can't Stand the Rain

Today's ditty on the soundtrack of life is Ann Peebles "I Can't Stand the Rain". There are a couple of reasons. First off its just a great song that makes me want to belt out like I had an amazing voice. Secondly, last night we had some crazy thunderstorms. Very LOUD thunderstorms. Thunderstorms that kept me from falling asleep at a decent hour last night. Thunderstorms that have me too tired to write the blog that I intended to write tonight.

This morning Kraut had to get up uber early to catch a flight to Dallas for work, and inadvertently woke me up in the process. So not only did I go to sleep late, I got up early. Then I went to work, and got a billion calls that had my head spinning. Then I came home and took J.J. for a much needed walk (for both of us) and then ran like 5 errands, cooked myself some dinner, and finished my homework for photography class. Now I think its bedtime and I need to say good night. Thanks for understanding!


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