Sunday, May 8, 2011

Who are Kraut and Crawfish?

Kraut and Crawfish are a happily married union of North and South. When we met, we discovered a mutual love of football, but quickly realized we had VERY different view points, and so our sarcastic version of flirting began. Kraut is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin and loves the Green Bay Packers, bratwurst, and all things Notre Dame. Crawfish on the other hand was born in Cajun country and is serious about her cooking, the Saints, and ringing her cowbell for the Mississippi State Bulldogs. Here we are:

From food to music, and everything in between, our merger of cultures means our tastes are incredibly eclectic, and we love to expose each other to new flavors and fun. We'll be writing about our journey together as we cook, camp, tailgate, bike, and build a life together in Memphis, Tennessee.

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