Saturday, March 10, 2012


Here is my gumbo I made a couple weeks ago. What do you think? Better than my pic last time in Gumbo Season? I know, I didn't make the potato salad this time, but it still tasted delicious. Or maybe this pic looks more appetizing....

You can see that I used okra in it this time. I don't always do that, but was in the mood for it that day.

A lot has been going on since I wrote to you about Mardi Gras. Lent started and I gave up bread and desserts. Dessert really isn't hard for me because I don't keep a lot of sweets in the house, so its only really tempting when someone brings them in the office. Bread on the other hand has been a challenge! Think about it. No sandwiches, bagels, muffins, biscuits, rolls, or PIZZA! Pizza is my comfort food and will probably be the first bread I eat once Easter gets here. Although, breakfast is the first meal of the day so maybe I'll have a bagel first, or maybe I'll hold out for a big piece of garlic buttered french bread....mmmm. Sorry, I've been deprived!

Enough of my inner dialogue about food. I went wedding dress shopping with my younger sister recently. I took several pictures while we were there. I learned that shooting pictures of white dresses in fluorescent lighting is difficult. I had a hard time getting my white balance just right. Here are some pics I took (none of these dresses were the "one", I can't post those, duh!).

Ok so in this one I'm sure you can see what I meant about bad lighting. The store had huge windows and that icky artificial lighting battling it out, so its kind of turning part of the dress a little blue. Anyway, thats not the point....when I see this picture I think Baby Got Back! "Oh my God Becky...." yeah you know you are singing along in your head now! My soundtrack of life is rubbing off!

I spy a photographer in the picture above! Oops! The next few were taken at a different shop and I had a little bit easier time with the lighting:

I thought it would be fun to try a couple black and white photos and play with the contrast for a little different effect:

She looked so pretty in all the dresses, and it was fun to go watch her play dress up. It made me reminisce a little about my wedding.

Speaking of reminiscing....

My mom's birthday was this week. In her honor, I thought I'd share this sweet photo of her and me. Also, since she is such a big Beatles fan I think its appropriate that the song of day should be Yesterday.


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  1. Love the pics!!! And the reminiscing! :'-) Love mom